Plastic Injection Molding

Custom Injection MoldingHere at TS Industries we only accept the best when it comes to molds and plastic materials. We understand that when it comes to thermoplastics, quality and efficiency is everything. With the right training and the best mold and plastic suppliers, our all American plastic products are consistently top of the line. Your product and brand reputation is our main focus.

What is thermoplastic injection molding?

Simply put, thermoplastics are plastic materials that can continuously be melted down and re-shaped. With an injection molding machine, plastic grains can be melted down and then injected into a mold at extremely high pressures. In the mold the plastic can be cooled in a matter of seconds. When the plastic is cooled enough to hold its shape, the mold then opens and the plastic is released, and ready for assembly or packaging. The high pressures from the machine is what allows a mold to be filled tight regardless of odd shapes.

What are some of the advantages to injection molding?

There are a lot of advantages to having products injection molded. The most common advantage is the high production possibilities. Machines can be programmed to create the same part repeatedly, making flawless parts 27/7. At high volumes injection molding is a popular choice due to production speeds and low production costs.

Injection Molded Nylon Trackwheels

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