Cast Foam

What is urethane foam casting?

Urethane foam casting is a process that starts as a two-part liquid that is mixed and poured into a metal or silicone mold. As the liquid chemicals react to each other they produce heat and begin to expand. Using this process we can make a wide variety of parts that do not actually look like foam. From hard and rigid to soft and flexible, there are a variety of different foams to choose from. Let us help you select the right one for your project.

Rigid Foam

Using a high density rigid foam we can create finished parts that are strong with a smooth, hard surface. While lower density foams have much more expansion to give you a lighter weight part. If desired, we can mold other parts inside the foam and control the finished weight of a part. Controlling the weight allows us to make floats that can be used as liquid level sensors. The hard urethane skin allows the part to hold up in a wide variety of harsh environments.

Flexible Foam

Flexible foams are softer and usually have a rubber skin. Like rigid foam, it can be cast at a variety of different densities.

What are the benefits of working with cast foam?

First of all, cast foam is not Styrofoam. Even though cast foam is lightweight, it can be very strong with a hard surface finish that can hold up to a variety of applications. Cast foam has a wide range of applications. Contact us to find out if cast foam is right for your project.

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